Social Media in Business

There are a lot of people who are interested in starting up their own business. Not only is this a great way to increase your income, but it gives you a sense of purpose in life as well. Over the years, a lot of people have had success using social media to drive traffic to your business. Using social media for business is a totally different strategy than traditional advertising. Learning how to use this tool is essential to business growth.



Social Media


One of the biggest changes in the economy over the past few years is the rise of social media. People now have access to more information about companies and products than ever before. With so much information out there, it can be hard for companies to stand out from others in the same industry. This is why a solid social media strategy is essential to business growth. There are a lot of people who are trying to learn how to drive sales through this channel. Always make sure you spend some time interacting with customers to have the most success.



Final Thoughts


Over time, social media is a great way to get the word out about your business. As a business owner, this is one of the most important ways that you can spend your time. If you want to have success in the future, marketing to new customers can help you increase sales and profits. The great thing about social media is the fact that the cost is so low.


Facebook and Pharma and the Online Advertising Landscape

Facebook ads are somewhat innocuous. The ads do need to be this way otherwise the user experience on the social media site would be difficult. No one wants to deal with annoying ads. So, Facebook employs a more subtle approach to presenting ads. A new decision by Facebook Health may lead to certain ads being impossible to ignore. Facebook wants to access revenue from pharmaceutical companies’ advertising budgets.


“Big pharma” has learned the same lesson many other industries discovered. Online and digital advertising is not the future. It is the present. Expanding online advertising through social media makes perfect sense. Pharmaceutical companies do understand a massive potential audience exists on social media platforms. This is why pharma companies have invested in Twitter and other social media sites. Surprisingly, Facebook has not previously invested much time or resources to draw in pharmaceutical company advertising dollars. The Facebook Health team has certainly noticed that big money has flooded into Twitter and Google’s coffers.


Facebook might be a very successful company, but the success is rooted in its ability to generate a profit. The number of people who sign up with Facebook and are active on the social network does not translate into sustainability. The social media platform still must make money in order to survive. Advertisers are in the same proverbial boat.


Pharma companies do need to advertise as well in order to maintain profitability and good stock prices. The digital and online worlds are perfectly new landscapes for informative pharmaceutical ads.


Latest Social Media Developments

Instagram has just added the Story Search feature, so now users can search for a location or a hashtag and see story compiled from posts made by other users. It can be useful in many ways such as checking what’s going on at a specific location. It can also be used to find out what other people are thinking about developing events, TechCrunch reports. There will be a privacy feature, which means only public posts will be seen.


Meanwhile, Pinterest has improved its food recognition software. Basically, it allows users to take photos of dishes with its Lens camera search, which the software recognizes and then delivers recipes for those dishes. Pinterest already had a feature that recognized an ingredient, and now is further expanding it.


In another development, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon are calling for surveillance reform. These giants are asking the government to overhaul foreign surveillance program.


This is likely to lead to further tensions between the White House and the tech giants. In a signed letter sent to House Judiciary Committee, these tech companies are asking for several reforms including greater privacy protections and more transparency.


Lately, social media and high-tech companies have become politically active. For example, they have entered into legal battles with Trump’s administration over travel ban and transgender equality. They’re also preparing a battle over net neutrality regulations.




Small Business Strategy

One of the most important aspects of running a business is marketing. However, many business owners are so busy that they struggle to find the time to effectively market their business to new customers. Not only is marketing time consuming, but it also is something that costs money in a lot of cases. This is where a social media strategy comes in. There are a lot of reports of companies growing quickly from using social media the right way.



Online Traffic


Any new business needs to have some kind of web traffic. With all of the changes that are starting to happen, you need to make a plan for how to invest in the future. Over time, social media is a great way to drive sales and profits in your business. There are a lot of business owners who struggle in this area because they do not have a lot of experience with technology. Some people are even hiring firms to help them with their overall strategy in business.



Future Changes


In the world of business, things are always changing, As a business owner, you must be willing to innovate in order to drive sales and profits over time. There are many people who are ready to bring in more customers through social media. Social media is more complicated than many people realize if you are going to use it the right way. In the future, more forms of social media will come out that you need to learn.


Greg Secker: a man without limits

Greg Secker is a 42-year-old entrepreneur, philanthropist, and international speaker. He is widely considered an expert trader and displays a fiery passion for teaching others.

Down to Earth and Insightful

In an interview posted on Inspirery, Secker laid out his views on his success and things that drive him. “ I’m not a guy that asks why, but why not?” A quote that has become largely associated with Secker and efficiently defines him and the message he presents to others. During the interview, he was asked what inspired him to start his business? Quite often the answer from self-made millionaires and billionaires centers more around an opportunity in a specific market. Secker’s answer seems more motivated by his passion for teaching others.”I notice a lot of people struggled to begin trading with ease.”Secker would then go on to outline some of the issues that hold back the average person such as not having access to education or being required to take high risks to begin trading.

During the interview, Secker answered various questions about what makes him successful or about his personal motivations. The reoccurring themes that seem always come up from Secker’s answers are other people, friends, family or people just trying to obtain the knowledge he has to convey in order to improve their own life. His philanthropist soul appears to radiate into everything he does.

Secker’s Meteoric Rise

Greg Secker started out working for Thomas Cook financial services. His drive and insight had made him a multimillionaire by his mid-twenties. He had wild success running VTD Virtual Trading Desk; VTD was the first online real-time trading forex. He began working from home at 27 years old and has ever since. Secker does maintain an array of offices all over the that include Johannesburg, Sydney, London, and Capetown. Secker has branched out as an international speaker that is regularly contacted by CNBC and Bloomberg. At this point, Secker has spoken to tens of thousands of people who have attended his seminars and workshops.

Secker has an undying passion for teaching others; let us hope he finds students equally as eager to absorb his vast knowledge.

Samuel Strauch, Visionario Creador de Espacios que Generan Experiencias

Mientras que la mayoría de las galerías de arte y los museos aún se aferran al diseño tradicional de “mira pero no toques”, muchos de estos sitios han comenzado a incorporar exhibiciones interactivas y habitaciones de experiencias. En estos espacios, los invitados pueden convertirse en parte del diseño o involucrarse con elementos en el espacio a través del contacto y las interacciones en vivo.

El propósito del diseño de espacios públicos para la experiencia

Los arquitectos y diseñadores avocados a los espacios públicos interactivos son conducidos por el deseo de crear  y se transformar la manera de intelectual con el entorno. El despliegue de tecnología a fin de animar las partes de un espacio  crea una exhibición dinámica que brinda un concepto o experiencia realista.

El concepto de diseño de espacios a fin de crear una cierta experiencia es apoyado por varios sectores. Los docentes están al frente de esta tendencia debido a que ha probado ser útil al explicar conceptos complejos de ciencia y matemáticas. Piensa en los museos para los niños y en las galerías de descubrimientos científicos, y comenzarás a ver el potencial que el crear espacios donde se recompense a los invitados con comida para llevar puede tener un alto impacto en sus vidas.

Consideraciones al crear espacios públicos experimentales

Los espacios públicos pueden tener tanto un enfoque específico o un enfoque generalizado para llegar a una audiencia más amplia. Diseño, proporción y elementos variarán basado en la audiencia objetivo. Estar consciente de que los usuarios de los espacios tendrán diferentes niveles de compromiso asegura que el público obtendrá algo de la experiencia. Algunos tendrán una experiencia más robusta que aquellos que escogen meramente una muestra del diseño en vez de comprometerse completamente con lo que se les ofrece. Algunos usuarios se deleitarán en caminar a través de un camino delimitado por una exhibición de luz láser mientras que otros querrán de hecho manipular la exhibición.

Dale a las personas la habilidad de interactuar con el diseño de los elementos a su propia manera. Permíteles imaginar y descubrir diferentes formas de involucrarse con el diseño. Un espacio abierto en el centro de Montreal llamado los 21 Balancoires crea una experiencia musical que varía dependiendo de cuántos swings son utilizados por los participantes aleatorios.

Dale a las personas un sentido de pertenencia al crear un espacio en donde la meditación y el silencio significativo sean parte de la experiencia. El museo Ringling abrió recientemente el Skyspace, diseñado por James Turrell, en el que la experiencia envuelve el cambio de luces y un sentido variante del cielo y del espacio.

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Espacios creativos públicos en Miami

Miami se ha convertido en el eje de los esfuerzos creativos y artísticos. Aparte del Art Basel, la reunión anual de artistas y aficionados del arte, Miami habla en serio acerca de cimentar su arte y creatividad estética al invertir en exhibiciones interactivas tales como el “Arco,” – una escultura de acero orientada tecnológicamente en donde los cambios de la iluminación en la fuerza del viento ambiental, recrea la reimaginación del poder de un huracán. Miami está repleto con instalaciones similares y espacios públicos que buscan representar el paraíso vacacional por el cual es conocida a nivel mundial.

Samuel Strauch es nativo del Sur de Florida que se considera a sí mismo un experto en todo lo que tiene que ver con Miami pero especialmente con todas las cosas que tengan que ver con el sector de bienes raíces. Él ha experimentado Miami a través de sus altas y bajas, primero como un banquero y luego como un especialista inmobiliario. Samuel Strauch es el fundador y director de Metrik Real Estate, el cual ha sido un negocio floreciente durante los últimos 15 años.

El dramático ascenso de Strauch como una de las personalidades prominentes del mundo inmobiliario en Miami puede atribuirse a su amplio rango de intereses. Él es un apasionado del ciclismo, la fotografía y de tener una vida con propósito a través de las meditaciones diarias. El Multiculturalismo enseña las filosofías comerciales de Samuel Strauch así como sobre su estilo de vida, haciéndolo especialmente eficiente en el manejo de asuntos inmobiliarios de un cliente en Hialeah tanto como de uno que viva en Buenos Aires. Metrik Real Estate, liderada por Samuel Strauch, es una empresa de servicios completos que maneja el corretaje, las adquisiciones, el desarrollo, manejo y las fuentes de inversión para clientes tanto locales como globales.

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How Equities First Can Help You With Either Starting or Maintaining Your Business

Equities First is a lending organization that’s proceeding with steps that are required of them to have assurance of knowing that borrowers are given fair and equal opportunities of obtaining the different types of loan offers that they’re currently providing. Equities First realizes that each individual, whether they have a high net-worth, are an entrepreneur, in a partnership, or any other type of entity, has their own personal types of circumstances that they’re dealing with. Due to this very aspect of life, Equities First has made it a goal of theirs to do business with as many different people as they can by providing some of the most competitive rates in the lending industry.

Equities First Holdings is not a company that should be seen as your ordinary lending organization. Instead, they should be regarded as being a lending solutions team that exists to help anyone in any way that they can. This is especially true considering that they’re flexible with the payback terms and interest rates that they offer. They’re a lending organization that specifically takes a look at each of their prospective borrowers’ financial situations to see what kinds of interest rates and payback options they may be able to handle.

It is highly recommended for every business owner to ensure that they’re aware of their own financial states. By taking a look at their own financial statements, they should be able to get a good idea of what terms of loans they will be able to handle for the short or long-term.Equities First Holdings has a customer support group panel that’s always ready and eager to assist their borrowers in any way that they possibly can. They have taken several steps to ensure all of their staff members are fully trained and knowledgeable about the field of lending.

Tips for using social media to advertise your business

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms have hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis. Because of this, they can be a great way to reach target customers and increase sales. While advertising on social media can be great for your business, it can be a complicated process. A recent news article was unveiled that provides a business owner with a few different tips and suggestions when it comes to advertising on social media (


One tip to using social media advertising to your benefit is to focus your advertising campaign on your lower cost products or services. When seeing a lot of different advertisements on their social media feed, a consumer will easily notice a great deal. While you could have better and more expensive services to provide, you should focus on getting a new customer in the door with the lower cost option. You can then later sell them up to the higher level services.


Another tip for advertising on social media is to be on as many social media sites as possible. While Facebook and Twitter may be the two largest, there are other social media sites as well. Most advertisers recommend that you advertise on at least seven different websites. When you do choose to advertise on more website, it is important to Kurt tail your advertisement accordingly. Certain social media platforms target different groups of customers. While all these people could be potential customers for you, they may be more attracted to a certain kind of advertising campaign.

Happenings in Social Media’s Business Side in May 2017


Social media giant Facebook acquired WhatsApp a few years ago, having their conversational tools assist those of Facebook users on Messenger. The deal was worth about $19 billion three years ago as of the acquisition’s date. Facebook has now been fined for misleading financial information provided three years ago in formal negotiations for the acquisition.


The fine, although paltry at best to the giant Facebook is, totaled $122 million. Facebook was charged this sum in Europe because of a violation of WhatsApp’s terms and conditions in relation to privacy rights of users. Despite this serious, negative ruling, Facebook will likely not experience any shortcomings and be right be as the world’s number one social media site.


Many companies consider being acquired by other, larger companies because of the potentially tremendous payouts they may receive. Owners of WhatsApp will likely never have to work again after what they were paid in 2014. Angelica Nwandu, the founder of The Shade Room, has recently expressed strong feelings that she wants to keep The Shade Room to itself and not allow it to be acquired by a larger company.


As to Facebook’s future with its subsidiary WhatsApp, more regulatory findings may be administered against Facebook’s favor. No matter what the price, Facebook will still be the giant it is today. Further discrepancies between WhatsApp’s terms of service that was updated in August 2016 may arise in future proceedings. For now, many believe that Facebook is safe — well, if you call $122 million safe.



Susan McGalla: The True Example of Business Success

To reach the pinnacle of business success, it takes a variety of talents and ambitions. For many executives, using the skills and knowledge learned in college, along with experience gained from real-world situations, all come together to create a true success story. While there are company leaders worldwide who have achieved success, Susan McGalla has done that and much more. As the former CEO of American Eagle Outfitters and the current Vice-President of Business Strategy and Creative Development with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Susan has used the skills learned from her college days at Mount Union College and from her childhood to create companies that are dynamic, profitable, and growing each and every year.


Learning the value of hard work from her football coach dad, Susan was determined to find success later on in life. Because of this, she worked tirelessly while at Mount Union College to earn her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing, all the while having an eye on future success. Beginning her business career with the Joseph Horne Company, she held numerous management positions with the company during her eight-year tenure. Upon leaving Horne, she joined American Eagle, where she quickly implemented numerous innovative strategies that helped the company achieve tremendous success.


Upon gaining years of invaluable business experience, Susan decided to create her own consulting firm, P3 Executive Consulting. In this endeavor, she worked closely with clients from various companies, advising them on such matters as marketing, business strategy and development, and long-term growth. Using the skills gained from her many successful business experiences, Susan was able to help her clients achieve their goals.


As she continues to move forward, Susan’s business career will no doubt contain much more success. Whether working with the Steelers or with individual clients, Susan’s skills and personality will equal success.